I'm Colin Roper, a seasoned Product leader with 15+ years crafting B2B SaaS solutions. Whether you're a founder seeking guidance in shaping your product & product team, or working through a critical product challenge, you've landed in the right spot. Let’s elevate your product together! 👇

How we can partner

CPO/VP Product Advising

Product Team Coaching

Topic deep dive / workshop

What I can do

🧩  Product-Market Fit

Validating whether your product delivers real value to a clear target market, and helping you achieve Product-Market fit if you don’t have it.

🗺️  Planning & Roadmapping

Implementing a lean quarterly planning process and ensuring that teams use it to effectively plan and track their performance.

💡 Customer Insights

Collecting qualitative and quantitative customer insights to develop a strong hypothesis of your target customers’ underlying needs and feedback.

🔭  Vision & Strategy

Building a compelling Product vision and a plan of attack to achieve it, based on insights from customers, competitors, and your team.

😍  Customer Focused Culture

Transitioning your organization to be more customer focused, applying customer-focused metrics (e.g. NPS) and development processes.

📈  Up-level Product Teams

Designing your organization, improving team processes, coaching Product Managers, implementing effective hiring processes, and more.

Where I’ve done it before

Moss logo for export.png

VP of Product

Grew the product from pre-launch to thousands of customers, double-digit ARR, multiple international markets.

Gusto logo for export.png

Product Lead for Payroll & 1st PM

Expanded payroll service from 8 US states to nationwide, growing to 40k+ SMB customers and $1B+ valuation.

Intuit logo for export.png

Sr. PM for multiple B2B products

Led multiple innovation products across Intuit suite, including Tax, Accounting, Payments, and Payroll.

Zeitgold logo for export.png

VP of Product & Design

Grew PM and Design team from 2 to 10 people. Led transition from MVP to commercially-ready product.

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Who has recommended me

“Colin's ability to plan complex projects, coordinate efforts across multiple stakeholders, and maintain transparent lines of communication across all parties make him a valuable asset to any product team.” — Nick Gervasi, Engineering Leader

“Colin is a phenomenal catch for product-focused companies. He helped grow Gusto from ~30 people to 500+, and helped build a product that customers absolutely love. He’s brilliant, creative, hard working, and experienced in managing people and products.” — Tomer London, CPO & Co-Founder

“Colin brought a jolt of energy and newfound purpose to the product team. He immediately went to work restructuring not only the way we work as a team, but the entire way our company works. He took us to the next level.” — Omri Avital, Product & Design Leader

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